Joyuus Participant Advisory Group

Your Voice Matters.

We're thrilled to have you back! Yes, it has been a while. Thanks to your voice and willingness to share your story, we have been able to continue building Joyuus.

Our Mission

Create accessible well-being for moms and those who care about them during the 12 months postpartum through human-centered research and design.

Joyuus is about listening to the moms who need and want a total solution for postpartum self-care. We are continuing to build the product you saw as a prototype, and we asked if you wanted to keep in touch. You said YES!

If you are here, you clicked our link to learn more.

The Role of This Group

If you continue to be part of this group, we may send out brief surveys to get your opinion about our product - from brand colors, to content topics, how you’d use it, to image styles, and anything in between

We won't ask about your personal health or healthcare—our focus is on developing the product to better serve moms like you!

Opting Out

If at any time you want to opt out of being in this group entirely, just text STOP by text at _______.

Participation Options

Feel free to respond to any survey or skip it entirely. If you choose to answer one but not another, you will stay on our list until you decide not to be part of the participant advisory group.

Special Discussions

From time to time, we may invite you to join Zoom meetings or phone calls to discuss a particularly complex topic. When we do, we will accept the first 10 or so moms who respond to keep the groups to a size where all voices can be heard.

We’re deeply grateful for your dedication and interest in our important mission. With your voice, we can make sure our product is…supporting you beyond the birth.